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Challenge 07: Wedding Planning!

Description Plan a character(s) wedding!

Choose a character from any fandom and plan their wedding.

• engagement/proposal
• wedding announcement
• registry/gifts
• venue
• invitations
• guests
• wedding party
• color/theme/overall design
• flowers/decorations
• caterer/menu
• cake
• music/musicians/song selection
• dress/wedding attire/hair/make-up/jewelry
• photography/videography
• bachelor/bachelorette parties
• rehearsal
• vows/ceremony/officiant/rings
• reception
• transportation
• honeymoon

Common Point Values:
• Writing: 50 words equals 5 points
• Simple Graphics: simple icons, sig banners, or other simple graphics are 5 points
• Complex Graphics: Larger or more complex graphics or gifs are 10 points
• 1 point each: recs and song tracks
• Videos of 2 mins or more involving a number of edits are 40 points
• Anything else please discuss in the Questions thread

• create an aesthetic of flowers/decorations or wedding apparel
• design a wedding invitation
• write a wedding announcement
• make a playlist of songs for the wedding
• create a registry/gift list collage
• write a drabble about the engagement part
• plan the menu/catering
• create a picspam of the venue
• write personalized vows
• icon the members of the wedding party

This is a multi-media/interpretive challenge, so feel free to make it work for you!

151 points total
+ up to 100 points worth of work
+ 20 bonus points for including work from at least 10 of the listed categories.
+ 20 bonus points for including at least 5 different types of work.
+ 5 points for posting your work to allthesuits.
+ 5 points for commenting on others' posts (1 point per comment; up to five comments)
+ 1 for sigtag
Submit Submit in your team threads. (If your work is not self explanatory, please include a short explanation.)

Due April 9, 11:59 PM CST
Tags: challenge
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