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Challenge 26: GISHGOCHES!!!

Welcome to our team_clubs challenge:

Description: Gather and/or complete items from this fantastic list. You may pick and choose which items you would like to complete.

Points are mix and match for a maximum of 50 points:
+1 pt for simple screencap or link
+2 pts if it is your own picture (ie, you went out and took a picture and uploaded it) Note: Items that specifically say "scene" or "screencap" are not eligible for this option.
+5 pts for a graphic you made (sigtag, icon, 6 pic picspam) - max 2 (for a total of 10 points)

  1. Scene with a character asleep

  2. Screencap of animation in a non animated show/movie

  3. A link to the number 1 song the week you were born

  4. Fill out the form at and screencap or link the ensuing fanfic

  5. A scene with a crystal ball

  6. Any edited graphic from an Oscar-winning movie (Best Picture)

  7. Three people hugging

  8. A scene with twins

  9. Someone making a phone call

  10. An animated gif of someone laughing

  11. Screencap of a character singing

  12. An icon of your favourite character (cannot be an icon you made)

  13. A picture of the view out your window

  14. A picture of a fancy hubcap

  15. A song with the word darkness in the lyrics (must include link to lyrics)

  16. Someone on horseback

  17. A pet with a hat

  18. Screencap of The Animal Rescue Site proving you clicked on the link to help the animals (they donate free food to shelters with every click)

  19. What you had for lunch today

  20. A trading card

  21. People playing a game

  22. A video/link to a song from a local band

  23. A cat having a nap

  24. Holiday decoration

  25. A picture of a Christmas jumper (sweater)

  26. A scene with your favourite animal in it

  27. Picture of a building mural

  28. A funny car license plate

  29. A child feeding birds

  30. A scene with someone opening a gift

  31. A famous celebrity who either shares your first name or your initials

  32. A picture of a superhero

  33. Someone(s) in a hot air balloon

  34. A link to a trailer for a movie that came out the month you were born

  35. Screencap with nobody's face showing, but at least 3 people's backs

  36. A picture of the Women's March (or other peaceful protest) from your town or area. (+1 bonus point if you made a protest sign yourself)

  37. A bookmark, either a premade one or one you have made. Should be holiday themes or fandom

  38. Your favorite bumpersticker or magnet

  39. A picture of a clock

  40. An animal in the snow

  41. A scene with someone playing cards

  42. A scene or link from a favourite tv show/movie

  43. A scene where two or more characters are clearly from different eras

  44. A link to a vid of your favourite ship (relationship/friendship)

  45. A scene with a character reading a book

  46. A photo of a flag of your state/province/region

  47. Two screencaps, each featuring the same two actors in a scene together in TWO separate/unrelated projects. (Example: Alan Rickman & Emma Thompson in HP5: Order of the Phoenix and Love Actually, but not HP5: Order of the Phoenix and HP3: Prisoner of Azkaban)

  48. A picture of an action figure in your possession

  49. A screen shot of a character at the beach

  50. People kissing under the mistletoe

  51. A picture of a historical marker in your town

  52. A link to (or picture of) your favorite recipe

  53. A link to a song (youtube or other version) that featured in a show that you will forever associate with the scene it was played in (+1 bonus point if includes a brief explanation)

  54. A picture of a sunset

  55. A scene with a castle

  56. A picture of a schoolbus

  57. Screencap of Free Rice proving you've donated 1000 grains of rice

  58. Screencap of any site listed at The Nonprofits proving you've done a free donation

  59. Your favorite meme

  60. A sunflower!

+50 points max (partial points available)
+1 additional point for sigtag

Due Date: January 7, 2018 MIDNIGHT
Submitting: Submit your list to your team thread below. Please label the items you chose (either by # or description), as well as your total points and points breakdown on your entry (see example below). Note: LJ comments only allow 4300 characters, so you may need to post your list at your own LJ or allthesuits and link here. Also, if you would like to organize and label your pictures by number into a table format, I recommend this site. If you would like to copy the list in plain-text to work with, catko did a lovely job here.


*After Misha Collins' GISHWHES.
Tags: challenge, team challenge
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