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Challenge 24: Team Create-A-Challenge (Part 2)


Description Team Create-A-Challenge (Part 2) - Post your team challenges for gameofcards!

The four team challenges will be as follows:
Clubs: GISHGOCHES (Scavenger Hunt)
Diamonds: Elemental Four (Writing/Graphics)
Hearts: Cross Your Hearts (Multimedia)
Spades: Party On! (Icons)

The following members designated to post the challenges have been granted posting access to the appropriate communities.
blue_sunflowers for Team Clubs on 12/22 at cards_wild
flipflop_diva for Team Diamonds on 1/2 at cards_wild
sandy79 for Team Hearts on 1/4 at cards_wild
luminousdaze for Team Spades on 1/11 at draw_cards

If you can not post on the designated date, please let me know. (All challenges must be posted by January 15.)

If you have any questions about posting, please PM kitty_fic

You can find thread graphics (for questions/submitting/etc) here or here. (Alternatively, you may create your own.)

Comment here with the challenge name, link, and due date when your challenge is posted.

Please ensure that someone is available to answer any questions about your challenge.

Team members may participate in their own challenges.

Points 75 total
+25 team points for posting the challenge by Jan 15.
+25 team points for successfully running the challenge.
+25 team points for posting challenge results by January 30.
Due Date January 30, 2018 MIDNIGHT
Submitting Submit here, to this post to claim your team points once your challenge is complete and results are posted.

General questions can be asked in the “questions thread” below. Specific questions about posting should be PMed to kitty_fic.
Tags: challenge, team challenge
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