Kitty (kitty_fic) wrote in cards_wild,

Challenge 21: Character Stockings

Description Fill your favorite characters' stockings!

This is a multi-media/interpretive challenge, so feel free to make it work for you!

If your work is not self explanatory, please include a short explanation of your character and what is filling their stocking.


• Writing: 50 words equals 5 points
• Graphics: 1 simple icon or sig banner equals 5 points, larger pieces including complex icons, gifs, and fanmix covers are 10 points
• 1 point each: recs and song tracks
• Videos of 2 mins or more involving a number of edits are 40 points
• Anything else please discuss in the Questions thread

41 points total
+ up to 40 points worth of work
+ 1 for sigtag
Submit Submit your work in your team thread.
Due December 26, Midnight EST
Tags: challenge
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