Kitty (kitty_fic) wrote in cards_wild,

Challenge 18: Film Club (SuperHeroes)

CHALLENGE #18 - Film Club: SuperHeroes

1) Choose any superhero movie to watch.
2) Fill out the form and discuss your movie and your thoughts on the genre in general.

Polite debate is welcome; just be nice to each other and respect that other people might not share your opinion. You don't have to be long-winded but please provide enough detail in your response to show that you did indeed watch the movie. If you're too brief you will only get half the amount of points for the initial comment.

If you'd prefer to write about your thoughts in freeform without the questions provided, you are welcome to do so. The minimum word count needs to be 200 words.

As always, discussion is encouraged but always respect that people might have differing opinions from yours. Please use spoiler cuts and warn for them if you're talking about anything really spoilery in movie.

Points (31 total)
+10 points for your thoughts on the movie you watched
+10 points for your thoughts on the genre in general
+2 points each for responding to up to 5 other commenters (2 x 5 = 10 )
+1 for using a sig tag
(21 total)
Due Date December 31
Tags: challenge, film club
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