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Challenge 10: Trick or Treat!

Description Choose Trick or Treat! Complete tasks to earn points!

1) Leave a comment saying "Trick or Treat" if you want to play.
2) When you are given a number (ie: #5) choose which list you want and complete the list item with that number from the list of your choice!
3) Complete your task, then come back and say "Trick or Treat" again to be given another task number!
4) If you see someone who has said "Trick or Treat" but doesn't have a number yet, go ahead and give them one!

The idea is to complete the tasks simple and fast and not overthink it! Each Trick or Treat task you complete is worth 5 POINTS (work approximately around 10 minutes of time).

1. do something you've been procrastinating, then come back and tell us about it.
2. tell us about five celebrity crushes (old or new)
3. challenge yourself and try something new! tell us about it!
4. share 5 lists of any 5 favorite things (actors, fandoms, fics, characters, movies, tv shows, etc!)
5. go and add 100 words to a WIP
6. write your name or username down on a piece of paper and draw a quick picture to represent yourself, then take a photo and post it.
7. go and remake an older icon, then come back and show them both
8. update your profile at afulldeck
9. post a mini-meta or rant about something fandom related
10. take photos of 5 things you love today and post them

1. make an aesthetic graphic/collage based off your personality/interests (or those of a friend)
2. make a team icon and share it with your team
3. make a sigtag for a friend
4. make a social post to your team community
5. leave five comments on fanworks
6. make a gift for one of your team mates
7. create something (icon, drabble, graphic, etc) to celebrate the last thing you watched
8. put your music player on shuffle and post the first five songs.
9. dedicate a mini-picspam to a friend's favorite character/actor/pairing/obsession
10. make a fandom rec list (rec your favorite fandoms, fanworks, authors, artists, books, anything!)

Points 51 total possible.
+5 points for each "Trick or Treat" task you complete.
+1 point for each number you assign to someone who needs one.
+1 for sigtag when submitting
(Keep track of your points! You can only earn a max of 51 points!)
Due Date October 31, 2015 at Midnight.
Submitting Please leave links to tasks completed and any numbers assigned in the submit thread in order to receive points for them! If you have any questions, please use the questions thread below.
Tags: challenge
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