Puddle Jumper (everythingshiny) wrote in cards_wild,
Puddle Jumper

Challenge 20

CHALLENGE #20: The To-Do List

Description Create something every day for 20 days. (this challenge actually runs for a month just to give you a little extra breathing room). You can do this in a number of ways!

- Create Posts at your journal, or a social post at allthesuits
- Create Icons for yourself, or icontests/challenges around LJ (including 20in20s)
- Create Fic - drabbles or pieces of a larger work, with some evidence you worked on it a little at a time
- Something else that resembles the above

each post must be at least 1 icon/picture or 50 words.

Please list how many points you finish in your comment below

Points 5 points per item up to 100 points for your completed works +10 points for completing them all.
Due Date December 1st
Submitting Submit here, to this post. If you have any questions please ask in the “questions thread” below.
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