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Big Hero 6

Challenge Four : Big Hero 6

Challenge specifications Much like big bang challenges you might have done in the past, this is a lot of stuff for a lot of points. You can follow one of the 6 themes below

- ONE : 1 character, 1 show or 1 fandom or 1 colour, all stuff created must be for that one thing. (this does not include themes such as "ladies" or "werewolves", it needs to be more specific than that) for this i will not accept things like buffy and angel, or lotr and the hobbit. i will accept for example, cordelia chase who is on angel and buffy and you can obviously use both shows; or legolas who is in both franchises.
- DEDICATED TO: : Dedicate your post to someone and create only things they like (excluding yourself) Feel free to use posts at afulldeck for this
- GOT THE BEAT: Throughout your items, a music theme must be present - fanmmixes only, icons or fanworks about musicians, prompted by songs etc
- NO TV Or MOVIES: Anything you want to write or make, as long as its not a tv show or a movie
- GEOMETRICALLY CHALLENGED: Throughout your items a theme of not quite right - fic with different formats, graphics different shapes etc
- THE GREAT OUTDOORS: Throughout your items a theme of outdoors: scenery, camping trips, green and brown colours, etc

While these themes are quite strict in some ways, granted you can explain it (except for number 1 which should be obvious) then you can do it. Any questions let me know.

Writing: 50 words equals 5 points
Graphics: 1 simple icon or sig banner equals 5 points, larger pieces including complex icons, gifs and fanmix covers are 10 points
1 point each: recs and song tracks
Videos of 2 mins or more involving a number of edits are 40 points, 3mins or more 60 points and 4 minutes or more 80 points
Anything else please discuss in the Questions thread

Points You can earn a maximum of 300 points. You will receive 25 points bonus points for completing 300 points for this challenge, as its hard to stick to a theme as outlined above. Partial points will be allocated but without the 25 point bonus.
Submit here Link to a grouped post or tag including your items. Ao3 links are fine if its one completed fic
Due by the 19th June, Midnight EST/ED time.
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